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Hire Shad to:
Manage Your Web Presence, Build Your Online Leads & Sales.

With over 15 years experience as a webmaster and web marketing expert, I've built, marketed and managed numerous websites across multiple industries. As your web specialist, I will ensure your company has a professional online presence, and continually work to drive more traffic, leads and sales for your business online.

shad davis web marketing army

Hire Shad as:
A One-Man, Web Marketing & Design Army!

Imagine having just one go-to individual that can do what it takes entire teams to accomplish elsewhere, and do it well! My expertise spans a broad skill set, allowing me to build, manage and market a website efficiently and effectively so you see the results your company is aiming to achieve online. The best part is you only have to hire one person to make it happen versus an entire team.

drive online leads and sales

Hire Shad for:
Getting Results

As a web professional, my work has led to thousands of online leads and millions in revenue generated annually, across multiple industries. I understand what it takes to establish, manage and grow your business online and will work effectively and efficiently to make it happen!

hire experienced web professional

Hire Shad because:
Experience, Talent & Passion

Having a web professional that has a wealth of experience, but also continually evolves with online trends is what I bring to the table. I excel at both creative and analytical and simply love what I do for a living, and looking for and opportunity to dedicate my web experience, skills and passion to your business.